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iOS- Inter-App Audio
« on: 7 Jan '22 - 12:28 »
Hello all,

Is it possible to use the functionality in Xamarin for creating an Inter-App Audio App for iOS?

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Re: iOS- Inter-App Audio
« Reply #1 on: 7 Jan '22 - 16:36 »
BASS doesn't have any built-in support for IAA but I guess it may be possible to implement it yourself? For example, if you were thinking of sending BASSMIDI output via IAA then you could perhaps create a "decoding" MIDI stream (using BASS_STREAM_DECODE flag) and fetch data from that (via BASS_ChannelGetData) for the IAA output.


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Re: iOS- Inter-App Audio
« Reply #2 on: 10 Jan '22 - 12:14 »
yes you can use inter-app feature with bass.
however you have to manage permissions..

when i checked last apple documentation

Inter-App Audio is deprecated in iOS 13 and is unavailable when running iPad apps in macOS.

on the other hand,
you can manage permissions and start to use inter-app application..

depending on your project idea, there are several ways to do it..