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Chris Ward

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running 2019 on Windows 10 64 bits, and the following code to get the Record devices on a pc (as seen in mmsys.cpl) i get the record devices AND playback devices listed ! This is using and bass.dll So i downloaded bass.dll and still got the record devices listed and then the playback devices too - not helpful when the results go into a combobox for record soundcard selection.  However when i used the code with the bass.dll (which i had lying around) and the same as before, the code works as expected and only displays my input devices (and this is likely the dll version i used when i first wrote the code). So, has something changed to do with getting only record devices ? or has a bug got introduced that hasn't been spotted ?

admittedly i haven't changed the file, as this is more of a pain to update as .net needs a specific version and id have to update this across all my applications, which is dull, but i do only  from time to time.

thank you


    Function GetRecSoundcards() As Integer
        Dim n As Integer = 0
        Dim info As New BASS_DEVICEINFO()
        Dim DefaultRecDevice As New Bass
        GetRecSoundcards = -1
        While (Bass.BASS_RecordGetDeviceInfo(n, info))
            RecSoundcard(n).ID = n
            RecSoundcard(n).Name = info.ToString
            If info.IsDefault = True Then GetRecSoundcards = n
            n = n + 1
        End While
        CFG.RecSoundcardCount = n - 1
    End Function


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Re: Playback devices appearing in Record device query
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May be it also lists loopback devices for playback devices? I suggest you to check the device flags to get more info on the returned devices.

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Playback devices appearing in Record device query
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Indeed, those entries will be "loopback" devices, which capture the sound being played on the corresponding output device. They can be identified by having the BASS_DEVICE_LOOPBACK flag set.