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2.8.3 bug
« on: 6 Oct '03 - 08:55 »
2.8 bugs
*mouse scroll whell function over sliders not funcion after double clicking in the xmplay tray icon, to raise xmplay on top of other windows. F12 skin reloader doesn't work too after this.

to check this place any window non top of xmplay's, with this in normal mode, so it lost focus.
try to get it back on top by click or double clicking on the tray icon.

after minimizing xmplay in normal mode through the xmplay tray icon, xmplay will minimize to the tray, but then double click agan to get it back:
 xmplay doesn't gets focus back over the others windows placed on top.
and the MOUSE WHEEL function (if you have one with that feture) that works over the sliders, and the F12 skin reloder
 doesn't works until loading any other skin.