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Changes beta-version bass.dll
« on: 30 Aug '22 - 18:34 »
The bass.dll in the beta-topic is 20 builds ahead of the official release.
Any interesting updates or fixes in these 20 builds?
Is it possible to get some sort of a changelog? ;)

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Changes beta-version bass.dll
« Reply #1 on: 31 Aug '22 - 13:35 »
The BASS 2.4.17 release should be coming soon. Here's what the changelog currently looks like:

* "Default" recording device on Windows/macOS
* Recording continues after device format changes on Windows/macOS
   BASS_SYNC_DEV_FORMAT (BASS_ChannelSetSync type)
* Auto-reconnecting when a download stops before the end
* Internet streams use HTTP/1.1 instead of HTTP/1.0
* Download callback changing after stream creation
   BASS_ATTRIB_DOWNLOADPROC (BASS_ChannelSetAttributeEx option)
   NETRADIO example updated
* Thread-specific internet/buffered stream download buffer option
   BASS_CONFIG_THREAD (BASS_SetConfig option)
* Internet stream creation never waits for pre-buffering
* Stalled stream resumption buffer level defaults to prebuffer level
   BASS_ATTRIB_NET_RESUME (BASS_ChannelSetAttribute option)
* Channel remapping fix for various multi-channel source/output combinations
* Support for using common add-on name instead of platform-specific filename in plugin loading
* Library filename/path retrieval
   BASS_CONFIG_FILENAME (BASS_GetConfigPtr option)
   PLUGINS and WRITEWAV examples updated
* Device info is still available if reinitialization fails
* Playback ramping-in/out can be disabled separately
   BASS_ATTRIB_NORAMP (BASS_ChannelSetAttribute option)
* Default playback ramping setting
   BASS_CONFIG_NORAMP (BASS_SetConfig option)
* Error code for when access is denied
* Switch to dynamic library/framework (rather than static) on iOS
* Recording routing audio session options on iOS
* Audio session deactivation when nothing is playing/recording on iOS
* Interrupted status retrieval on iOS
* Internet stream support for Linux systems without /etc/services file
* Fix for IPv6 addresses in URLs on Windows/Linux/Android
* Fix for getting volume changes made externally on Linux
* macOS version now uses "@rpath" instead of "@loader_path" install path
* ARM builds are now included (instead of separate) on Linux
* Non-FPU ARM architecture support dropped (Windows CE and "softfp" Linux)
* SSE is required on x86 platforms (Windows 95 dropped)


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Re: Changes beta-version bass.dll
« Reply #2 on: 2 Sep '22 - 21:30 »
Thanks Ian!

There are some nice updates in there. Looking forward to the release!