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Bassmidi random lags
« on: 17 Nov '22 - 05:45 »
Any changes on this issues, i tried my soundfont on timidity/fluidsynth and not are affected by this but bassmidi  very rare moments doesn't get lagg  this is a issue for me. Can you improve this?

I tried put soundfont in ramdisk (have the same issue)
from external HDD (same as ramdisk)
from same HDD (same as ramdisk)

The lagg is kick after snare or snare after kick, the same with all instruments. (is between 500 ns and 1 ms).

Async mode seems solves the sample offsets start delays, but above is different.

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: Bassmidi random lags
« Reply #1 on: 17 Nov '22 - 13:11 »
Please describe how to reproduce the problem, so that it can be investigated.


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Re: Bassmidi random lags
« Reply #2 on: 19 Nov '22 - 16:20 »
Please describe how to reproduce the problem, so that it can be investigated.
I have years with this issue but I discovered that is produced in midi spells that's uses bassinet in realtime mode.

Playing in realtime mode (midi player, midi driver as cool soft)
The performace is affected by any app. Like Windows update, Windows defender when access to folders, when run app (user accounts control dim screen), Windows 7 basic theme. Even with cpu stay under 40% usage, also when no lags kicks and snare seems as when you open mp3 and reduces 0.5 to key/tone on vlc or wmp. Standard is not affected never with this issue

In fluidsynth (synthfont) is only when cpu is saturated, but when cpu is not saturated play same as bassmidi (standard mode) and is affected causing  problems similar when lactency is very low in bad audio card. Bassmidi performance in realtime is not like to be as standard
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