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Hi Ian,
i'm using BASS_StreamCreate only to getdata from a decode channel without playing it (i call BASS_SetDevice(0) no sound device before the BASS_StreamCreate call.

shortly i want to use BASS_StreamCreate like if it was a thread with a BASS_ChannelGetData loop.

I'm on win32

Can i set BASS_ATTRIB_BUFFER to 0 in BASS_StreamCreate handle? because i do not need to buffer, it's not an audible channel.

i remember in the past BASS_ATTRIB_BUFFER was not possible on windows, maybe now it is

Ian @ un4seen

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The BASS_ATTRIB_BUFFER option is available on Windows, but it doesn't affect decoding channels (on any platform) because they don't have a playback buffer. So if you're setting the BASS_STREAM_DECODE flag then you don't need to do anything more to prevent playback buffering. Note that streams created on the "No Sound" device aren't automatically decoding channels if the BASS_STREAM_DECODE flag isn't set - normal playback channels are possible on the "No Sound" device (they just won't be heard).