Author Topic: "whispering" FX using BASS  (Read 6907 times)


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"whispering" FX using BASS
« on: 27 Aug '03 - 19:52 »
would anybody know how I can create a "whispering" effect using the effects in BASS, or a custom dsp? I need to pick up conversations from the room, change the signal so it sounds like whispering, and save to a wav. The whole thing is complete right now, except for the effect part. I've tried the reverb or parameq, but they don't seem to cut it.



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Re: "whispering" FX using BASS
« Reply #1 on: 28 Aug '03 - 05:21 »
lower vol, use eq to raise highs, somehow introduce a little static, add a little reverb

should sound good
or not, i don't know


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Re: "whispering" FX using BASS
« Reply #2 on: 29 Aug '03 - 14:15 »
At a guess, the best way to get a 'whispering' effect would be to use some sort of noise signal as the source and the recordings as modulator to a vocoder. good luck programming it, however.