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« on: 17 May '03 - 15:25 »
Could be bass used under old MS-DOS?
thanx hh


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Re: Bass+DOS=??
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I dont think so, it use api windows and dx drivers, and i dont think it exists a linux version (only with bassmod)...
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Re: Bass+DOS=??
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i mean if it colud run on a pc where there's only ms-dos7.x installed. directx are libraries and dlls, like bass too.Maybe and "hard copy" of directx dlls could be enough to run bass.. or not??


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Re: Bass+DOS=??
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That would be quite complex. MS-DOS has no concept of "Dynamic Libraries". In order to ues them, you would need to readthe DLL into memory. After which, you'd need to read the export tables of the DLL's to find the location of the function in memory. Trying to call a function in a DLL that calls a function in another DLL is even more complex. It may require a heavy amount of assembler code.


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Re: Bass+DOS=??
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You also would have to reprogram DOS because dos is 16bit OS and windows is 32bit. (or you have to reprogram BASS to be 16bit (very bad idea)). Just use windows.


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Re: Bass+DOS=??
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I was wondering how audio players for DOS work. I have seen some, which can play WAV, MP3/MP2/MP1 and Ogg Vorbis.


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Re: Bass+DOS=??
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The hard way would be to the dac I think ports irq/dma.

If I remeber rightly there was a library years ago for dos powerbasic that let you control creative soundblaster compliant soundcards-
/mixer levels
/play through the fm sound chip
/and play wavs

I cant remember the name of it but I used it for a game I was trying to make to play wav cannon sound fx.


just had a look and for powerbasic try here for a few libs:
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Re: Bass+DOS=??
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If you are in to qbasic then you can find some nice things. But the problem is that most of these drivers/programs are build for one specifik sound card. So good luck in finding one that works. (if I'm right still up to date) Havent seen any updates here sins years. But has some good stuff.