Author Topic: Can't enable "Activate hotkeys" thus no Commander editor thus no Hotkey suppo  (Read 2262 times)


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Using MS Wireless elite desktop keyboard with media control keys ie Fst->fwd and Rev<-Replay Stop/Play which are all defaulted to open dammed Windows Media Player. From XMPlay, I can't get the Miscellaneous window to allow me to enable "Activate Hotkeys" to let me edit the hotkey assignments using your Commanderkeyboard assignemt  editor utility. What do I do. I spent 4 hours on this.

My wish for ver 3.0:

Please provide full hotkey support for MS wireless media keyboards. This is a great application. Small, fast,unobnoxious, non winamp bloated and great sound. I love the auto amp feature. It smothes out all of my hot recordings.

CK from San Francisco.