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Problem with certain stream
« on: 25 Feb '04 - 15:54 »
Having problems playing the "SLAY Radio" stream at - plays fine for a random amount of time (up to.. dunno, a hour or so even) until it suddenly stops and doesn't reconnect. I have to manually press Stop and Play in order to resume listening. It works fine with Winamp 2, played for many hours without disconnecting. Minor annoyance, but I'd appreciate it if you'd look into it, Ian.

P.S.: Thanks for fixing the pitch slide bug I whined about some time ago! My chiptunes now play just the way they're supposed to.

Edit: I forgot to mention another weirdness with the stream in question: the volume is sometimes loud and sometimes very quiet, this seems random and reconnecting a few times usually helps. The jingle at the start of the stream is always played at the same volume, though!
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