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Mangled VU meter and vis
« on: 19 Jul '04 - 18:41 »
Okay folks, here's a good one. XMPlay seems to be mangling the data it feeds to the vis and the VU meter. Here's an example with the 3D spectrum wotsit(hosted on geocities, copy 'n' paste link if pic doesn't appear):

What is meant to happen is the horizontal bars at the bottom. The vertical bars, however, do not 'appear' in the song (specifically, Generation 1997 by Awesome). Under the normal spectrum, it looks like random noise at around the 50% level. I've seen the same thing with modules and oggs, so chances are it's something to do with how XMPlay grabs the data for the vis. It's very intermittent - days can go by without it turning up, and then it suddenly feels like doing it for a bit. I missed it the first time round when I spotted it, and sat there fow a few minutes with my finger hovering over Print Screen to catch that.

So, any ideas? My guess is drivers/hardware, and it sorta works so I don't want to touch it (tho I may pull a real sound card out of another PC).
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Re:Mangled VU meter and vis
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Might do that now actually - swap out the onboard VIA sound for a genuine SoundBlaster 128. Bet it solves the problem (or that it doesn't happen again until I've forgotten about it).