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About voice recognition with BASS....
« on: 22 May '03 - 18:12 »
Hi!, I know that this topic sounds a little bit like a sCI-FI... but maybe there's someone out there who knows something about voice recognition...

First of all, I'm interested to add a voice recognition system in my application. Now I'm doing everything with BASS, but I think I wont be able to use it to program that!

I've been fucking my brain with ChannelGetData, but I don't know if it's posible to do something for voice recognition.

Does anybody know how to program a voice recognition system?

What about DLL's.., free code???

Thank You!


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Re: About voice recognition with BASS....
« Reply #1 on: 26 May '03 - 02:39 »
I think you can do everything with ChannelGetData.

This function took me about 1 month to understand, to my idea the lack of help information. But the function totally gives you full control of your data. Check my thread about VU newbie. At the end you probably understand how to use ChannelGetData and make patterns for volume. Thanks Ian again!

Then you can use ChannelGetData with FFT info, so you can get the freq at a certain point.

But hey, I think this is way way way difficult. People are trying this for 20 years now, and even my Nokia only reconize 1 of the 2000000 of my names I am calling. Vocal reconision is just not yet enough developped I think, but you could try. And takes a lot of CPU. Philips designed a software package so you can say "Explorer" and explorer started.