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BASS is very nice and powerful fast engine, actually I already use this in my program at , with its easy to use function and effects makes BASS a great Multimedia engine.  But as I have notice most or some of the popular MP3 players (e.g. ATOMIXMP3, XingMPEG,etc) uses XAUDIO engine, I have an XAUDIO SDK but yet not try to work with it, because its not so handy, all commands or function most of the time uses Messaging to the engine. Those anybody can differenciates these engines?.



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Re: BASS - vs - XAUDIO
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Use BASS forever! :)



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Re: BASS - vs - XAUDIO
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Ya seriously, don't waste your time with XAudio. They do not provide any technical support, proper documentation, or reasonable liscense agreements.

I am using XAudio in the current version of my DJ application and have the features of XAudio that I wanted to use are undocumented and it requires tons of extra programming in order to make everything work properly.

Their liscense used to be free, but now they are charging $25,000 or something ridiculous like that.

The only reason most of the DJ applications you mention use XAudio now is because when they started developing their software, XAudio was still supporting their SDK and it was really the most flexible decoding engine at the time.

BASS wins this battle HANDS DOWN! It's not even a contest.