Author Topic: Today I feel like doing a new skin  (Read 1947 times)

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Today I feel like doing a new skin
« on: 19 Jul '04 - 16:39 »
Unluckily I won't have time for it. I would like to have a flat looking 3D skin. You know something like what you can see on Propellerheads products. Some newer Winamp skins show a good taste as well. Yet most XMPlay skins look so, hmm, dunno. They don't crack me up. I could rip a skin together from others which would suck. I want class. I won't people to call me at midnight just to ask what XMPlay skin I had on my desk the other day. Skins related to real hardware are cool. I always loved ReBirth's sidstation, red stripe dnb and infernalizer mod. No to forget Peff's orion one. And I like reason's skins a lot.

Aside from these I always wanted to screencapture Faster Tracker II and then starting to build an XMPlay skin from the pix. That would be really exciting.