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DirectX Plugins?
« on: 2 Aug '04 - 16:27 »
Nice player! Just came across this today and I like it at first usage.
I have several DirectX plugins that I found to be quite nice and wanted a way to enable them in XMPlay.

So, if you are interested in using DirectX plugins with XMPlay, search the net for Adapt-X 3.5 This is a WinAmp plugin that will allow you to use any DirectX plugin.

Once you find this file (note that 3.6 and above are not free but work the same) install it. Then go to the Winamp directory and copy the plugins to your XMPlay plugins directory.

Finally, open Options select the DSP tab, choose the Winamp DSP wrapper,  and add Adapt-X

You can take it from there!

Here's a list of DirectX plugins, many of which are free.

Easier than it looks!
Thanks for a nice player, I have looked for something that supports APE/APL and is easy to use. This loks very good after a few hours of playing.