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APE/APL/MAC Plugin Update
« on: 2 Aug '04 - 16:36 »
The author has a new DLL for APE/APL/MAC support. Works well with XMPlay 3.1

From the readme:

It works like the old MACDll for the Monkey's Audio front-end and EAC.
However, it is also the Winamp plugin and the Cool Edit filter.

It adds Media Library support to Winamp.  It eliminates a bunch of code and streamlines plugin updating.  It'll make it possible for the new GUI and plugins to leverage some of the same file info tools.

To use it in Winamp, rename it to in_APE.dll and place it in the Winamp plugins directory.

To use it in CoolEdit, rename it to APE.flt and place in in the CoolEdit plugins directory.