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Re: Resolution
« Reply #25 on: 18 Aug '18 - 19:33 »
Correct, the new XMP skin files are just renamed regular ZIP archives, no special magic or additional treatment required. Make sure you have Xmp-ZIP.dll installed along with XMPlay.exe, either in a subir (e.g. \Plugins) or in the same folder.


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Re: Resolution
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Ah, thanks. I noticed that when packing everything, I accidentally put the files in a sub-folder inside the ZIP. Works now. :-)
And I noticed that WINE likes XMPlay a bit more than a few years ago, although there still are some severe bugs - but at least I can test the skin conversions without having to run a VM with Windows somewhere ;)

My script is using ImageMagick for PHP but unfortunately I don't have that extension installed on my website (shared hosting). So currently I can only do some offline conversions until I find a place to upload the resizer. Any requests?


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Re: Resolution
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Great thread! Couple of years ago I was asking about possibility for skins that would work on full HD screen.
Great that we have progress on that.

I have skin that I would like to be scaled 1.5 or 2 times. Would you be able to do that?


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Re: Resolution
« Reply #28 on: 19 Aug '18 - 00:26 »
@garson: Sure, which one?

I also made some progress on my script - it can now be used like a command line app, with parameters and everything, and can automatically unpack and repack .xmpskin files.
$ php xmplay-skin-scaler.php -i "Plastic.xmpskin" -s 1.5 -f triangle
XMPlay Skin Scaler 0.1 (2018-08-19) by Thomas Radeke
Input: 'Plastic.xmpskin'
Creating target directory 'Plastic [scaled 1.5]'...
Copying misc files to 'Plastic [scaled 1.5]'...
Modifying 'Plastic [scaled 1.5]/skinconfig.txt'...
Scaling and converting skin images using 'triangle' filter...
Creating 'Plastic [scaled 1.5].xmpskin'...
Done. Share and enjoy!

[Edit] If anyone wants to try for themselves, I've set up a github repo:
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Re: Resolution
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Hey Rah'Dick.
Skin is not available on support site, I think someone on this forum made it. It is called Delta Black.
I have attached it.
Thanks. :)