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"Looping" different MP3
« on: 4 May '03 - 09:40 »
Has someone made a way to play 10 mp3 files after each other without any gap? I have a live album for example where the tracks belong together and don't want the interruption. Idea's?

(I read about the prebuffering and making a different tread standby on the nexttrack, but how do i get the point where the song ends, exactly so i have 'resume
' or play the next track? A timer resolution of 1ms which checks if the songs is ended does not work.)

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« Reply #1 on: 4 May '03 - 17:49 »
You should use a sync. See the BASS_ChannelSetSync docs, in particular the BASS_SYNC_END sync. You could also checkout the CONTEST example.


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Re: "Looping" different MP3
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Thank you, I shall check that. So it is possible! cool :D


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Re: "Looping" different MP3
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Everything is possible with BASS! ;)