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selected song from playlist
« on: 4 Sep '04 - 23:52 »

i was workin on casablanca trying to mark the playlist selected song title name and found something rare:

"scaler_lit = 1 1 1    ;lit (R G B scalers)"
is used for playlist clicked title(selected), that makes no sense, and was pretty confusing, cause that option should be used only when moving the mouse pointer over the songtitles. think should be a: " scaler_listselect = 1.5 1.5 1.5   ;selected title text"
or something like that.
so i had problems cause i dont like the scalers lit on the main buttons, cause they look pretty sucky on the buttons that are comunicated with lsd stuff like the red circles that looks like pizzas, and couldnt use keltic's mmd3 trick for that(doesnt work on overlaped buttons), so when clicking on those buttons (autoamp reduction, loop track, random and reberb switch) they will get dark like the buttons they are connected to.
maybe if all the buttons could use the seethru color, and the mask bmp only mark the "clickable area" of the bitmap instead of setting the the area to be shown of the button bmp,(the rest of the button bitmap would be completely shown, excluding the seethru color area)  would be easier, practical and usefull for skinners and xmplay.