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id3 v 1.1 tag's genre
« on: 8 Sep '04 - 00:01 »
i have all my mp3's with id3v1.1 tags. for compatibility with home stereos when burned to cds.

check the info window, the /comment/tags section, try to play any mp3 with only id3 v1.1 tags.
the info windows doesnt show genre info.
is that ok?
(mp3 have the genre entry to something selected from the drop down panel)
i made the tag with the latest in_mp3.dll from support.xmplay (v2.91)
i have tryed, and it can read all the tags (title, artist, year, album and track number), but doesnt shows any genre entry.

id3v2 wworks ok.
dont know if this happened on older versions of xmp 3.1.06

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Re: id3 v 1.1 tag's genre
« Reply #1 on: 8 Sep '04 - 17:07 »
In ID3v1(.1) tags, the genre is stored as a number (not text, as in ID3v2/OGG/WMA tags), which means it'd require a list of all the available genres to be included in XMPlay, which I can't be bothered with :D