Author Topic: **Update**=> Download: File to set XMPlay as Default CD Player (Win)  (Read 5508 times)


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** NOTE: Registry file assumes that XMPlay is installed in "C:\Program Files\XMPlay". If you installed it in a different directory, simply modify the registry file before running it. **


Although it's not a monumental advancement to XMPlay by any stretch of the imagination,at least it will make some folks happy.  XMPlay has won over those seeking a  much needed departure from Media Player, and now you can add the Windows CD Player to the list.


For using Win2K/XP, please reply to let me know that the registry entries worked for you.

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Win2K, had to edit the reg file to define where I installed XMPlay, works fantabulous!


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If I find the time then I'll try to add this to XMPlaySecret, as well as doing the bugfixes.


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BoggyB: That sounds good!   I was going to ask you about incorporating the function into your program, but you beat me to it.



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Here's a wild idea, Ian could add it to XMPlay itself. Mebbe?
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I don't think it would get implemented into XMPlay, unless CD Playback is added to XMPlay. And I don't think CD Playback capabilities will be added to XMPlay unless it becomes something very popular, or there is an advantage in making it internal over using the plugin...


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Exactly. Keep in mind that every time something like this is added, it increases the overhead for the core program. There's a reason the Winamp input plugin model exists. ;)


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A compromise on integration into XMPlay...
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Here's an idea that would make it easier for those using the CD player plugin, and satisfy those who believe in keeping the core of XMPlay as compact as possible.

Integrate the registry entry settings into XMPlay, while maintaining the plugin model.   On start-up, have XMPlay check for the availability of the CD plugin.  If detected, a button will be added somewhere in the config menu to make it the default CD player in Windows.  IMHO, that should satisfy both sides.

Any comments or suggestions on this idea would be welcome!


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Seems to work good for me too :). Plays my audio cd right off to XMPlay.
Still wish for a more user friendly thing for Audio CDs. I mean nearly all audio players can play a CD.