Author Topic: Hurray for Xmplayer against Winamp!  (Read 4107 times)


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Hurray for Xmplayer against Winamp!
« on: 6 Dec '04 - 02:16 »
Hello staff,
i'm an italian boy.
Today i've decided to uninstall  Winamp ad install Xmplayer.
It's Better than winamp in my Opinion.
With Winamp i can see Videos, i can burn cds, i can change skins..i can make coffe, i can stop the war and blah blah blah...
My God...5 megs for one mp3 player...
Xmplayer is the best Choice. Really.
If someone of you can speak italian,
come to my blog and read my little article about Xmplay About Winamp.

The article  is :

Please, Leave a Comment!!!!
Thank You in advance, and... Go Unforseen go!



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Re:Hurray for Xmplayer against Winamp!
« Reply #1 on: 6 Dec '04 - 17:04 »
Winamp... It's full of bugs, messy code, improper implementation of MP4 decoder (Dolby for MP4 with NO support for HE-AAC and PS, CodingTech. for AAC), brain dead developers which don't want to listen to the corrections others make, but simply spread false information to the world (like licences which need to be paid to the MP4 container and others).