Author Topic: Amplification doesn't hold its place.  (Read 1821 times)


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Amplification doesn't hold its place.
« on: 12 Jan '05 - 11:28 »
I've normally had all the settings, including amp, saved by path with auto-loading, so I didn't notice this bugger until recently, when I reinstalled Windows and lost the settings in the process. Anyway, amplification doesn't hold its place, unless forced to, by auto-loading some saved settings. Instead, it always resets to 0,0db on track change. Of course, this usually isn't a problem when using those saved settings, or auto-amp, but I don't think it's really serving any purpose, and it might confuse some newbies.

So Ian, would you fix this in the next version please? :)

Ah dammit, should've searched the forum first, I had a feeling this was asked before (in 2002 actually :P). But please, at least let the "Reset on new track" checkbox be unchecked by default - I'm not the first one confused by this.
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