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Re: XMPlay FLAC plugin
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This page still lists the old version (or at least, the version on this page didn't work for me, and the new version does):


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Re: XMPlay FLAC plugin
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have a problem with flac, it seems.
I coded today an album from my cd, using this cmd:

flac -8 -V --delete-input-file -w -T TRACK=%5 -T TITLE=%1 -T ARTIST=%2 -T ALBUM=%3 -T YEAR=%4 -o %o

the job is good but, songs lenght in xmplay are all the same and it is 6:45:47
why that, and how to fix it ?

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: XMPlay FLAC plugin
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The FLAC encoder needs to know the length of the input in advance to have the correct length and seektable information in the output file. That is possible by including "%i" in the encoder's command-line to have XMPlay write an intermediate file. "%i" was added to the default FLAC command-line in the XMPlay 3.8.4 release. So you can click the "Defaults" button in the "Encoders" options page to get that, or just add "%i" to the end of your existing command-line.