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XMPlay OFR plugin
« on: 17 Feb '05 - 21:03 »
Sebastian Andersson finished an OptimFROG input plugin for XMPlay which is available here:

It should support all the usual stuff like playing, pausing, seeking, ReplayGain, tags... but currently lacks the streaming support. Please report any bugs and issues in this thread.
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Re: XMPlay OFR plugin
« Reply #1 on: 16 Mar '05 - 16:20 »

there's a small (easy to solve :) ) issue with the plugin i've had - OptimFROG.dll, when placed in some subdirectory along with the plugin dll, is not found by it and hence - the ofr plugin does not get activated in XMPlay. To solve this, optimfrog.dll needs to be put in the same directory as xmplay.exe.
Since the setup app from the support site does put them both in "plugins" subdirectory, ofr plugin might not work for some people when installed.. (i assume this situation is not common, because noone else posted about it, unless i failed at searching the forum :) )
Anyway, i don't know if it's even worth changing anything, just felt like posting this problem in case someone else got wondering on why that thing doesn't work.