Author Topic: [when on top:] Focus avoidable?  (Read 3892 times)


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[when on top:] Focus avoidable?
« on: 22 Feb '05 - 14:37 »
[searching the official FAQ and this forum for this especific problem did not give me any results]

Hi, first of all, congratulations on xmplay, Ian. Its getting more and more powerful while keeping a lowprofile/minimalistic aproach :D

I wanted to finally ditch winamp, and exclusively use xmplay. I have used it as a 'back up' player since 2.0, but now its easily a winamp-killer.
Well i did, and after some minutes of tweak, there was only 1 thing i couldn't configure like i had my winamp:

I cant find a way to keep xmplay on top without taking focus on every fileload. Any combination of config would result in the same behavior, which i should assume as intended

Now, I use the keyboard a lot, the mouse is practically a 'last resort', and my main use for xmplay is going thru 1000+ of files loading them individually. So xmplay taking the focus makes the process a lot slower, i need to go back to totalcmd window and continue from there.

So, my question, is there any way to make xmplay _never_ take focus while staying on top?

Thanks for your time, i really want to get rid of old-winamp :)


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Re: [when on top:] Focus avoidable?
« Reply #1 on: 22 Feb '05 - 15:58 »
Upon further investigation, it steal the focus even on mini-mode[any skin], set always on tray or not.

Also, it seems that when not on top + not in tray, not only takes focus but also jumps to the top

im checking HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Un4seen Developments\XMPlay2 to see if something related is found

This really seems to be the way Ian wanted it to be, but why?


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Re: [when on top:] Focus avoidable?
« Reply #2 on: 22 Feb '05 - 17:29 »
I think an option like "don't steal focus when loading a new file" could be nice, I agree. If not always, how about when in mini-on-top/always-on-top mode?


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Re: [when on top:] Focus avoidable?
« Reply #3 on: 22 Feb '05 - 17:56 »
thanks for your answer :D

[btw: i didnt found anything on the reg tweaks]

Only thing left now is to hear Ian response, it actually would make sense that an app so small, efficient and unintrussive as xmplay get that option [that would make it even more unintrussive]