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WDM Drivers ?
« on: 27 Mar '03 - 15:52 »
I'm trying to use the new option of using 32-bit floating point data. I saw that i need to have WDM drivers for win98, to be able to create the stream this way.
Apparently i don't have wdm but VxD drivers, since a stream cannot be created on my PC (error code 6), and works just fine on a winXP system.
My card is Creative Live value, and i'm using the latest available drivers, I believe. Can anyone tell me is there any chance to run 32-bit data on this configuration and aht the bloody h..l a WDM driver is?

10x in advance :)

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: WDM Drivers ?
« Reply #1 on: 28 Mar '03 - 12:53 »
There aren't any WDM audio drivers for Win98, unless it's the 2nd edition. In which case, check your soundcard manufacturer's website - if the card is anything like new, there'll be WDM drivers available :)

Note that you can still use floating-point decoding channels, without WDM drivers.

Regarding what WDM is...


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Re: WDM Drivers ?
« Reply #2 on: 31 Mar '03 - 14:43 »
Yep, 10x Ian. My win is 98SE, but no WDM drivers available unfortunately. I installed XP anyhow, so now i can enjoy experimenting with this.