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XmPlay & Bass VST
« on: 19 Jan '08 - 23:19 »
I came on the forum today and i think i have read that the BASS_vst plugin would allow to load vst efx in XmPlay : is it correct ?
could anyone tell me how does it work ?
i have tried to read the redme file included in the zip, but it was like chinese to me... :(
Any help would be appreciated !
THank you


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Re: XmPlay & Bass VST
« Reply #1 on: 20 Jan '08 - 01:03 »
The way I've made VSTs work in XMPlay is through the WinAmp DSP plugin wrapper (xmp-wadsp.dll, included in the XMPlay download) and the WinAmp VST Host DSP plugin.


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Re: XmPlay & Bass VST
« Reply #2 on: 20 Jan '08 - 10:15 »
I can confirm that the Winamp VST bridge (as the author calls it) works fine in XMPlay. The only slight irritation (as with all third-party DSP plugins in XMPlay) is the number of steps you have to go through to bring up the plugin GUI.

There are some terrific free VST equalizers out there. I'm currently using the one to be found here:


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Re: XmPlay & Bass VST
« Reply #3 on: 22 Jan '08 - 23:01 »
Plugin doesn't work - every time crash.