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BASS_GetOutputName() ?
« on: 27 Mar '03 - 19:32 »
Alright, with BASS_RecordGetInputName() and BASS_INPUT_TYPE i can assign a record input, no matter if i speak chinese or not.

But how can i know with bass_info if the play channel in french (i dont remember in chinese) 'Onde Acoustique' means 'wave' in english, that 'Lecteur CD numérique' means 'cd digital' in english.

Why Bass give us the type of record input and not the type of output ?
Ian, i'm shure, you are not a racist. Then give us a BASS_GetOutputName and a BASS_OUTPUT_TYPE.

NB: I know, i want always more (or i realy have to learn chinese)... :-*
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Re: BASS_GetOutputName()  in Bass v 1.81 ?
« Reply #1 on: 29 Mar '03 - 04:35 »
Hum, Ian, what about OUTPUT type ? :-X

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: BASS_GetOutputName() ?
« Reply #2 on: 29 Mar '03 - 14:06 »
Sorry, there are no plans for that, as it does not really directly relate to any BASS function. If you really need, I'm sure there must be some "mixer" components you could use to do it.

Note there'll be no need for messing about with the mixer with the CD streaming add-on ;)


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Re: BASS_GetOutputName() ?
« Reply #3 on: 29 Mar '03 - 15:21 »
I dont have find any mixer components that gives me the kind of output (only the name in language of installed sound drivers).

Please, if you know one, give me the link... :-*

I need it to control the output level of line in and microphone. Bass dont do that.

Of course, i can stream it (with your sample livefx that dont exist for Delphi  :'(), but i want to choose streamed or not (only analog).

If streamed = true then Bass else Mixer....

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