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@ first : sorry for the (maybe terrible ) english ..

I want to have a equalizer in my little Mp3 player ( I program it in delphi ) , so I checked the help file and find some things like BASS_ChannelSetAttributes but don't know how to deal with it or if its the right at all ... I also found some code here in the forum but didn't really understand it .. maybe you can give me some basic information about how to start (some code would be very helpfull too I think ) ..

by the way I tryed the BassFX but can't compile it with delphi ( don't know why ) ...

Thanks a lot for answers

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Re: Equalizer
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I think you can download the source from this site at extracted file of "UnitADVEQ.pas"

This site was found on the BASS sample program, I think this wonderful program can help you more