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Force analog CD playing?
« on: 23 Mar '03 - 19:11 »
I've modified the livespec.c example to play a CD and record on my sound card's CD input.  This is cool, thanks for the great example.  It can play a CD and generate a spectrum analysis for it.

The problem is that this didn't work until I went into Device Manager and set my CD player to play analog.  My computer uses WindowsXP and therefore my CD drive defaulted to using digital CD playing.

I can't ask every customer to set their CD drive to analog, so is there a way to force analog playback with BASS?  If not, I vote for it.  :)

There's been many other posts about adding support for digital playback to BASS, so I was surprised it would play that way at all.  There isn't a way currently to get a spectrum analysis from a digitally-playing CD is there?



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Re: Force analog CD playing?
« Reply #1 on: 23 Mar '03 - 19:38 »
To answer my own question:

There is a way to get spectrum analysis for the CD playing digitally.  Its done exactly the same way, you just need to change the record source.  On my sound card "stereo mix" records the digital CD output.

So my app will have to ask the user which input to record on.  That shouldn't be too hard with a CD playing and a spectrum analysis shown for each input.  Too bad my sound card (and most others?) won't let me record on all the inputs simultaneously.

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Re: Force analog CD playing?
« Reply #2 on: 24 Mar '03 - 13:50 »
"Stereo Mix" is all inputs mixed together :) ... the digital CD input is usually called something like "CD Digital", and should be of type BASS_INPUT_TYPE_DIGITAL.