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small problem with v1.8
« on: 23 Mar '03 - 00:15 »
I stumbled across this when using the new floating point features in v1.8.

If I load and play a MOD music, stop the channel & free it, then load a file stream and play it, I get a loud buzzing sound overlayed onto the new channel, as though some leftover data has got trapped in the output buffer. This only happens when going from a MOD music to a stream or vice versa, eg.

HMUSIC music=BASS_MusicLoad(0,"my.mod",0,0,BASS_MUSIC_FLOAT);
HSTREAM stream=BASS_StreamCreateFile(0,"my.mp3",0,0,BASS_SAMPLE_FLOAT);

If I subsequently stop the channel, then start it again, the buzzing is gone.

This only happens on Windows XP, using sample rates other than 44100 in BASS_Init(). It doesn't happen in Windows 2000, so I'm blaming the wonderful SB Live drivers :)