Author Topic: nforce soundstorm with xmplayer (rear speakers not working)  (Read 3223 times)


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Has anybody figured out a way to get the rear speakers working with soundstorm and xmplayer? All other players seem to play with the rear speakers just fine..


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Environmentals can bring some audio to the rear speakers, but that's more like trying to put a bandaid on a shotgun wound. Plus, I dont like environmentals on music.

Ian said a long time ago that he might add a stereo-to-all-speakers option, but to my knowledge it not in yet.

Chris T'Up North

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Its probably on the developers list but I'm sure we'd all appreciate the work involved. This is basically the player I've been looking for. I've tried loads of others ranging from Sonique to Winamp (stopped using that when they tarted it up too much), WMP, Quintessential etc etc etc....and none come close. When looking for a lightweight fully functional multi-format player this is hard to beat....but could we have sound from the rear speakers please ?

Otherwise my quest continues :(.......either way good work chaps - well impressed !


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For 4 channel+ audio to work, the file first has to be encoded with all channel data there, which you don't see alot of, especially with mp3's, also, to get duplication on all 4 channels is usually a driver setting. Try going to Start>Settings>Controll Panel>Sounds and Multimedia Then ender the "Audio" tab, hit the advanced button under the sound playback area and changing the settings on the drop-down menu.
If your soundcard has it's won GUI controll (Not the winblows Volume Controll), try seeing if there is a duplication setting in there. Good luck.


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In reply to the previous post, I've already said that the rear speakers work fine in everything else.  Just xmplayer and specifically for soundstorm doesn't seem to output the rears.  Going to the control panel and applying those settings would not fix this.  And yes, I do have a duplication to rear setting in the software provided with soundstorm, but even with it on, it doesn't work. (Though it works with winamp, other media players, games, just basically anything that output sounds)

So now I am just wondering, if it is possible, after waited for a quite a few releases which still did not fix this issue, to output to rear speakers for soundstorm users.  Or should I just give up for this lost cause?