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Sample ramping?
« on: 15 Mar '03 - 21:33 »
Was playing around with my program that lets you play samples at different frequencies, and I don't know if its just my soundcard drivers, but it seemed a bit clicky.
I was wondering about the possibility of having volume ramping during BASS_Sample playback.  I suppose the DirectX buffers might preclude that though?  I guess it would make sense to apply the volume ramping to the sample data itself at load time.. but I guess I could just do that manually myself.

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Re: Sample ramping?
« Reply #1 on: 16 Mar '03 - 13:57 »
Yep, the best thing is to do it yourself, via a custom stream. You then have full control of the sample data, so you can do ramping and proper looping (normal, bidi, sustain, etc...). If you're feeling particularly bold, you could also do envelope and vibrato processing :D