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Hi every body I know its easy in Bass to get a stream from Shoutcast...but how is it possible to set a stream and send it to a shoutcast server???
Greets Chris
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Re: Delphi+Shoutcast....Bass
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hey man.....I've been looking high and low for this answer, and I can't find one. I think it may be impossible.
I'm not even close to an expert on this subject, but I think BASS will never do this. I think BASS is just a decoder.

I've been playing with streamTranscoder from I noticed that uses the BASS.dll and lame_enc.dll, I only assume that means it used bass to decode a stream, and then lame to reencode it.

The good news, its not too hard to write a source for shoutCAST I did it in VB.NET and I can show you my'll get the idea how you can accomplish this in Delphi when you see it.


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Re: Delphi+Shoutcast....Bass
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That a good news......before I have start to work with delphi(delphi 4, now delphi 6)  I have for ca 6 month work with VB    I THink it must be possible to translate it.....
Thanks Chris


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Re: Delphi+Shoutcast....Bass
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It is possible, i think.

You have to record your source, and coded it on the fly with a encoder (eg. Lame). This you can send to a Shoutcast-Server.

I haven't try this, but it should work.

Greetings Ghostwalker