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Recording with Bass
« on: 10 Mar '03 - 17:38 »
Im using Borland C Builder 5.
I would like to record data in real time and transmit it in real time over a network using TStream. At the moment I have no problem recording on my own computer, and playing it back later on. However, I do not know how to send the (sound) data over the network. Can anybody out there help me?

Is it at all possible to save the recorded sound data to disk?

Thank you

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Re: Recording with Bass
« Reply #1 on: 11 Mar '03 - 10:47 »
Recording to disk is simply a matter of writing the data to disk in your recording callback function. Alternatively, you can record to memory, and write the whole lot to disk after, which is what the RECTEST example does.

Regarding transmitting over a network... I'm not really familiar with BCB and it's libraries, but I guess there's probably a "TSomething" that can help with that :D