Author Topic: BASS/nBASS as a source to SHOUTcast  (Read 3217 times)


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BASS/nBASS as a source to SHOUTcast
« on: 7 Mar '03 - 08:16 »
Hi all,

A while ago, I wrote a SHOUTcast source in, then I discovered nBASS, the .NET wrapper for BASS. nBASS looks like a real cool and more reliable replacement for what I wrote. Has anyone here ever used nBASE as SHOUT/ICEcast source?

WHat I'm looking to write is a tiny program that looks up track info in a database, then streams the tracks up to SHOUTcast. The program will run on a server with NO sound card, so that may complicate looks like the .Play method of BASS is unavailable when you have no sound bad.,..the play method is nice easy way to meter how quicly you send the data to SHOUTcast.

DO you guys think this is do-able?