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Audio CD burning
« on: 4 Mar '03 - 10:39 »
I'm searching for a freeware or open-source unit, or component to work with delphi 7 enabling audio CD burn.

I'm searching a long time already, but found nothing. >:( Please help... THX ;D


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Re: Audio CD burning
« Reply #1 on: 4 Mar '03 - 15:24 »
Take a look @ Audio Burner Pro X & Audio CD Burner X ActiveX Controls. The primary difference is the Pro will burn from MP3 & WAV files, while the standard edition will only do WAV. The prices ar $75 & $119 USD respectivley. There are demos available for download.

Internally we currently use CDWriterXP version 2.0 from NuGroovz. Although we are investigating a replacement as they were threatened by Thomson and forced to remove ALL MP3 functionality from there controls. So you can only burn from WAV files with any version 2.1 or higher. It's also a little on the pricey side: $399.



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Re: Audio CD burning
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Re: Audio CD burning
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THX a lot ;D, but I'm looking for a freeware.

I'm just a student and cannot aford such stuff. :(


P.S. sorry for my bad english...


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P.S. sorry for my bad english...

Don't worry about it.  We should have a rule for the board that doens't allow people to apologise for their English, as most users of BASS and XMPlay aren't from an English-speaking country...  I should make a poll out of that.  :P