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« on: 25 Aug '05 - 10:05 »

when using XM-Play as a client for Streamer-P2P, I get only the metadata of the first track played. If the metadata (songtitle etc.) changes, I get no update in XM-Play. If I Stop XM-Play and restart it again, still tuned to the same station, I get the new metadata.
I think (lol) XM-Play is waiting for a change in Serial of the ogg-Stream, but no change happens. Is there a option to change this behavior?
Or can it be changed in a future release of XM-Play?

Thx ZYron


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hmm... i have no such problems with any ogg-based streams.  have you tried other stations or other server software to see if the problem lies there?

try this stream for example:

i've just tested it and verified that the meta-data does indeed change.  Also, the data in the playlist DOES NOT change at any point (excepting if the server software changes the station's name with each track change).  The currently playing track's metadata will be displayed in the main player element of the UI, so make sure that that's where you're looking.  If the server software is indeed changing the station name, that will only update each time you launch the stream from your playlist.

the other thing to check is to make sure you're using the latest version of XMPlay (

this is all simply my own understanding of how it's SUPPOSED to work based on my own experiences.  i could very well be wrong   ;)