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Reading/Editing Tags With BASS
« on: 20 Feb '03 - 14:41 »
Hello folks!

I am using Visual Basic and I don't know how to read the ID3/OGG Vorbis tags. Any ideas?
There is an API call called "BASS_StreamGetTags". Is that the magic function I am looking for? If yes, how do I use it in order to get the track name, artist and so on?

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Re: Reading/Editing Tags With BASS
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I have just noticed that the BASS_StreamGetTags API call returns a long integer, not a string. Therefore, I don't think that API is the right one.
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Re: Reading/Editing Tags With BASS
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BASS_StreamGetTags returns ANSI strings, which is not the same thing as VB's "String". So the text has to be converted, using the VBStrFromAnsiPtr function.

See this example...