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hi, ian

ahm, a short question... what about an easy function to set the dsp-effect-stack?
something like

Code: [Select]
DWORD BASS_ChannelGetDSPStack(DWORD handle, HDSP dsp);
wich gives the position of the effekt inside the stack

and something like
Code: [Select]
DWORD BASS_ChannelSetDSPStack(DWORD handle, HDSP dsp, int NewPosition);
(old position is returned)

Code: [Select]
DWORD BASS_ChannelMoveDSPUp(DWORD handle, HDSP dsp);
DWORD BASS_ChannelMoveDSPDown(DWORD handle, HDSP dsp);

i donīt know if this is neccessary for other bass-users... maybe worth a poll (i donīt know, how to make a poll in here ;o)

(sorry for my bad english)

Ian @ un4seen

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Re: DSP-Stack
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The DSP functions are applied in the order that they were added to the channel. So to change the order, you can remove them, and re-add them in the order you want :)

If you're wanting to reorder the DSP for quality purposes (eg. maybe you want to move a DSP that tends to clip last)... 1.8 will have floating-point DSP, so there's no clipping as the data passes through the DSP functions.


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Re: DSP-Stack
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So to change the order, you can remove them, and re-add them in the order you want :)

yeah, thats the way i do, but if you have 4 effects and want to change the first 2 effect, you have to remove all effect and rearange them all... ;o) would be much easier, if bass would provide some dsp-order-functions.

first i didnīt thought about quality but the result of the effects - there is a difference in the sound if you add a echo and then a distortion or if you add a distortion and then a echo ;o) (the second way might be the better, but not always ;o)