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Re: BASS for iOS (iPhone/iPad)
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You can indeed change the device output rate via "setPreferredSampleRate", and BASS will pick that up and change its output accordingly (you can check the BASS_INFO "freq" value to confirm). You could change the mixer's rate to match via its BASS_ATTRIB_FREQ setting, but that will result in any already buffered data (in the mixer's playback buffer) being played at an incorrect rate, and will also bit a bit fiddly regarding source rates. So it would probably be best to recreate the mixer with the new rate (if you want to avoid resampling). You could also disable buffering via the mixer's BASS_ATTRIB_BUFFER setting a bit prior to changing the rate, so that there is no buffered data at the time of the rate change, and you can immediately stop the old mixer and start the new one.