Author Topic: SYNCPROC swapped Data and User variables?  (Read 3305 times)


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SYNCPROC swapped Data and User variables?
« on: 10 Mar '06 - 01:23 »
Ian, could you check this please? :-*

Oh I see, the callback can't be a part of a class.. :'(
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Ian @ un4seen

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Re: SYNCPROC swapped Data and User variables?
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Callbacks can be part of a class, but they need to be "static". I don't know how that is in Delphi, but there are several C/C++ examples, including this ancient thread...


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"static" SYNCPROC in a Delphi class, how!????
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Thanx Ian!
Well I read the thread, but no luck till now... :-\ I think about it, maybe I come up with a solution...

If somebody knows how to make a function "static" in Delphi, please don't hesitate to tell me! :-[

I found a topic, but I don't understand: Msg 6573 - method in assembly is not static - how do I make it static ?

I tried a class like this:
Code: [Select]
TMyPanelContainer = class(TPanel)
    class procedure Callback(OccSync: HSYNC; Channel, Data, User: DWord); stdcall; static;

But Delphi says: Field definition not allowed after methods or properties
...and in the Delphi help: Methods are by default static.  :o  ???

EDIT: Not good. The example is for Delphi.NET but I am using Delphi7!

I have an idea tough! Could I pass a pointer to a structure in User which has the User variable I need, and another pointer to my object so I can access it's properties?

I'll try that! ;)
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Re: SYNCPROC swapped Data and User variables?
« Reply #3 on: 12 Mar '06 - 15:51 »
Success! ;D

I daclare a reference to my class, pass the Index in User, and I can acces my array (with the help of the reference) in the class within the callback! 8)

Thank you!