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especially for BASS applications, as it has an optional thumbnail generator for audio files.

Filesystem Dialogs features:

1. All column position/width and sorting settings are saved for EVERY application and/or you can choose to ALWAYS USE your favourite view mode!
2. Has a very hiqh quality thumbnail mode (that supports much more formats then the default Windows dialog, and display audio files too (!) Taged with ID3v2 and containing a SESC frame.
3. Drag&Drop for files/folders (you can drop files from Windows explorer onto the window too).
4. In thumbnail mode if pictures are found inside the folder, the folder's neme is above the thumbs, if no picture is found it's on the center (looks very good).
5. If bass.dll is found thumbnails are generated from all audio files (all file formats that BASS actually supports, or there is plugin loaded for the particular format) so is particularly usefull for applications using BASS.
NOTE: It's not enough to copy a bass.dll into the folder, Filesystem Dialogs expects a fully initialized BASS state.
6. And the most important: Has a customizable favorite folders list on the left, which serves you with one easy click always!

I am working on a patch, that will force every windows open/save file dialog to Filesystem Dialogs, but the .dll is available as a usual free/shareware/commercial component for everyone! If I manage to bring out a reliable dialog replacement prog. it will be shareware or something... :,

.dll and pascal wrapper included, it can be used with any developing environement as it is using a simple stdcall with a structure, please read the docs, very simple.

Download: Filesystem Dialogs 1.2 607KB
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An update is now downloadable. There was a 1 line mistake in the code that made the "with BASS" thumbnail generator just fail, but it's fixed now. The package is still beta though.

Here is another snap when using the thumbnail view mode with an app. that uses BASS:


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The first, V1.1 fully working release is available for download. 8)

Please post your suggestions, enquiries if you mind!

Oh yes, and whoever translates the FilesystemDialogsDefs.pas to other languages (leave out the Delphi TComponent layer and it's just a couple of lines) can use the lib in his projects freely (as I don't know any other language then Delphi, only a little C-reading :'( ). ;)
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An update V1.2 is available!
New functions added:
Code: [Select]
  Bool FilesystemDialogs_GetOpenFileNameA(LPOPENFILENAME lpofn);
  Bool FilesystemDialogs_GetOpenFileNameW(LPOPENFILENAME lpofn);
  Bool FilesystemDialogs_GetSaveFileNameA(LPOPENFILENAME lpofn);
  Bool FilesystemDialogs_GetSaveFileNameW(LPOPENFILENAME lpofn);

(docs on OPENFILENAME Structure) which emulates the same comdlg32.dll functions (though no Unicode support yet! The "W" functions call the "A" functions internally!), so now everyone can use this lib, just redirect the calls here!
Has a couple of bug fixes and enhancements too as usual. :)
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V1.4 is downloadable!
Major API changes!

Code: [Select]
FilesystemDialogs_OpenDialog(Params: TOpenDialogParams; var Results: TOpenDialogResults): LongBool; stdcall;

TOpenDialogResults has changed! You now have to make room for the results! Suggested method is in the Tutorial project...

Code: [Select]
  TOpenDialogResults = record
    Successfull: LongBool;      //* True: User pressed the Open/Save, False: User pressed Cancel or closed the window
    FileName: PChar;            //* The filename the user selected (only one) ending with a double null
    FileNameSize: Int64;        //* FileName size in bytes (should be always = MAX_PATH)
    FileCount: Cardinal;        //* Number of files, if user selected multiple files then FileCount > 1
    FileNames: PChar;           //* List of files separated by a null character ending with a double null
    FileNamesSize: Int64;       //* FileNames size in bytes
    FilterIndex: Integer;       //* Filter's index the user selected 0-first, 1-second, etc...

Also some new features and enhancements for example automatic upper/lowercase for extensions when saving...  ;)

Download: Filesystem Dialogs 1.4 628KB
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No one even comments you on your work :/ , well, for what its worth. Thanks for this :) , I think it will be quite usefull in my app , keep up the good work!


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So now something important comes to my mind!
Network files (you know starting with "//3DELITE/...") cannot be accessed so far! In theory use the default Windows dialog in this case (top right corner - one click)! :)
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V1.5 is downloadable!

  • Remembers recent folders (a new list is in the top left area)
  • The GUID option is working now (now you can identify every single dialog separatelly system wide - for those who don't understand: use more then one dialog in an app. and save their settings separatelly) :)
  • New feature under development: remember recent files on a per app. basis (these links are stored in, for example: ...\Recent\Notepad\autoexec.bat.lnk)
  • More stable

Download: Filesystem Dialogs 1.5 612KB
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A little update V1.5.5!

  • The GUID option is working for the Folder Dialog too
  • The Folder Dialog's parameters are saved
  • The Delphi component layer automatically creates a unique GUID for the placed component when you place a FilesystemDialog component on the form

I am still looking for any info on how you get on with it!

Download: Filesystem Dialogs 1.5.5 631KB
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Oh, I replaced my previous post... :-[ :D


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Major update: V1.6.8

  • Fixed a major bug in audio thumb generator (that should crash always but it didn't fooling me it's working. I was accidently using the same object from within a sub-procedure and freed it inside leaving the parent procedure without it. This also resulted some major memory leaks. Now it works even with many audio files.) Also the audio thumbs now are generated properly for small audio files to (samples) and also the little space at the end is fixed, now the sample graphics runs from start to the end as it should.
  • Fixed filename edit combo box sometimes filling the filename aggresively
  • A new "Open All" button to make our lives even more simpler
  • A new exported procedure to bring up the settings window

Download: Filesystem Dialogs 1.6.8 667KB

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Little update: V1.6.9

  • "Open All" button is only visible when ofAllowMultiSelect flag is specified
  • Enhanced multi monitor support: now a check is performed on form popup and if the form is not in a visible place (on it's last position), it is re-positioned onto an available display (for example a case when a display had been unplugged)
  • Fixed the "Save settings on "Cancel" to..." option (I forgot to implement it, sorry, it was just a dumb checkbox in settings) :)

Download: Filesystem Dialogs 1.6.9 674KB


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The library had been updated with many BASS related improvements.

  • The browser displays album covers as thumbnails.
  • The balloon hints have an option to pin them and a play button (the play button will appear for file types defined in Settings).

  • Audio file previewer.

  • The icon view mode.
  • Balloon hints on lister with album cover thumbnails.

  • "Sticks" preset dimension, the proportions can be freely specified in Settings.
  • EXIF information on thumbnail's hints (Thumbnails inside EXIF are supported too)
  • Secondary full screen viewer (for dual display setups)
  • FreeImage.dll support (picture file formats supported is at ~29)
  • Text file thumbnails
  • Automatic file name template usage
  • Automatic file name rename if file exists
  • ofStayOnTop mode
  • ofNotModal mode: the app. will not be frozen while selecting a file
  • ofNoClose option: The file dialog does not close but reports files trough the HookProc (a constant file browser)
  • Option in Settings to purge the thumbnail cache entirely from the computer, displays space usage etc.

For details see the home page.
Works on Win98(SE?), don't now if works on Vista. If somebody could try, and inform us it would be helpful. :)
Fully open-source and free, with a registration option.
The only drawback is there is no unicode support.

There is also an alpha state system wide patcher app.


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i have install Filesystem Dialogs 1.9.2
and Vanga Rengi Mangaro 0.8.4 alpha Setup.exe

When run BassVis and load Files for MP3 this will show
all files double in the Filelist.

When close my app then my app crash and Delphi 2006 crash with it.
My App can no more register any hotkeys ...

i thinks you have the problem not BassVis.

greets BassFan


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New Beta version is available for beta testers (debug version, creates crash logs, not suitable for releases), but is fully unicode enabled!
The crashes had been probably fixed, but testing is needed until a stable release.
Please report the crashes if they happen.

Download: Filesystem Dialogs Library Beta

Also Vanga Rengi Mangaro Beta (a project to replace Windows's file open and save dialogs with Filesystem Dialogs's open and save dialogs) with full unicode support is available for beta testers: Vanga Rengi Mangaro Beta

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New (stable) version of Filesystem Dialogs is out. The most important update is full unicode file name support.
BASS 2.4 is required (there may be a "dual" BASS 2.3 and 2.4 support in the future if needed (2.5 also?) - under testing)

Key features for audio applications:

Audio thumbnails
Cover picture support for ID3v2 tagged files
Preview option for audio files (all formats that BASS is aware in the process)
Option to display the dialogs in not modal mode (application is not freezed while browsing for a file)
Option to integrate the dialog into a parent handle (and use as a constant file browser, olso option to receive notfications on a file select event)

Other cool features:

All dialog parameters are saved (dialog position, coloumn order and layout, last used folder, etc.)
Very neat dual display previewer (browse on one monitor and preview on the other)
Thumbnail caching (like Thumbs.db just better quality, audio thumbnails are cached too)
Supports many image file formats (this is not essential for audio applications, but very cool)

Note: The licenses are the same as with BASS. You need a BASS license also if you use this component (if you have a BASS license already then you need just a Filesystem Dialogs license).

If you like the library then check out the Vanga Rengi Mangaro project, that is a patcher that patches all processes to use Filesystem Dialogs instead of the default Windows dialogs (very cool).

Opinions are welcome!

Home page:

Best regards


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no interesst

thank you


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Tha package has been updated! The newest build supports both BASS 2.3 and 2.4.

Homepage: Filesystem Dialogs

Best regards


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The package has been updated with a VC++ example.

Homepage: Filesystem Dialogs

Best regards


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The component is now available in Win64 flavour too.

Audio preview has been enhanced, (there seems to be a bug in Graphics32 which resulted a little pixely display) the quality is now 100%.
Video preview is now implemented using xVideo.

Download page: Filesystem Dialogs download page


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Didn't post for a long time in this topic... The library has been updated recently, all the thumbnails, including audio thumbnails are now fully alpha transparent, option to browse virtual folders, like network drives, are also implemented.

The audio thumbnail's colors are fully customizable, dimensions too, the browser dialog can be integrated into a panel, so the window you see in the picture can be part of a window (an app.), the audio thumbnails can be cached, which means nearly instantaneous displaying of them.
For audio related apps. this sample thumbnail view can be quite cool, previewing the sample audio files when browsing them. If you already use BASS, the library makes use of BASS automatically, meaning if you have a BASS plugin loaded for a particular format, audio thumbnails are generated for all those file types as well. Optionally "on select" notifications are available, the displayed files can be played when hovering above them in the balloon window.

- More snapshots
- Official home page