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Scrolling Waveform
« on: 5 May '06 - 14:59 »

I'm looking for c/c++ code (or a link to a sample project) to scroll the waveform like we can see in Virtual DJ product.

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Re: Scrolling Waveform
« Reply #1 on: 9 May '06 - 18:21 »
I have source code done in Visual C++ 6.0 using MFC.

Here it is:

Code is kinda messy. Keep in mind that you can only push go once, so if you want to try a different song, you will have to close the app down and then start it again, paste the new path to the file and press go again..

If you end up making it better or doing something cool with it, please upload it for the rest of us :)

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Re: Scrolling Waveform
« Reply #2 on: 22 Aug '06 - 13:20 »
someone have this code in delphi ??