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cubic carrot - little question
« on: 16 Jan '03 - 17:49 »

i was a vew weeks not in here, so im not up to date with the auto-bpm-things in Bass and your plans... i downloaded today the cubic carrot sdk wich i never got to run - and hell it run! the output was close to the values i got by manualy tabbing my old space-bar (my actual app uses manual tabbing +g+) - ok, sounds nice, but now my question:

the cc-beatcount-sdk has only a function to analyse an entire file. you say
Code: [Select]

void __stdcall ReadPCMData(void *Buffer, unsigned long BuffSize, bool *Success, void *Tag) {
*Success = (pBeatFile.Read(Buffer, BuffSize) == BuffSize);

void StartAnalysis(...) {
BID.ReadPCMDataCallBack = ReadPCMData;
(*BeatAnalyserObjectPerformAnalysis)(BAO, &Bpm, &BpmCertainty);

so the thing is, you cal the dll-function, wich grabs it data in your own callback - sounds like you should feed the callback with your own data... but how to synchronize it? the cubic-dll wont wait for data to be fed! my problem is now, how to feed the callback-function with the pcm-data from bass, without feeding cubic with a lot of NULL's until the next pcm-data comes up from bass (the cubic-dll runs faster the the realtime-playing of a mp3-stream, you know ;o))

some one has an idea?

sorry, for this long text with a short intension, my english is not the best, so i try to be more precise ;o)