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Dreams of Cubic Skin for XMPLAY
« on: 25 May '06 - 03:35 »
First of all I want to say XMPLAY is an awesome player and I have no complaints about it.  It is excellent piece of work, and I am thankful that un4seen has provided it to us.

Some of us are still old enough I hope to remember Cubic, later followed up by OpenCubic.  Yep, DOS.  So get out your DOS4GW, setup you CP.INI... and....

It would be really cool if someone with graphical talent could close their eyes, remember what it looked like, and make us a cubic skin for XMPLAY!:)  It would probably consist of a lot of black background, light greys (for that DOS texty look) for anything labeled, tool tips, etc.. and the pattern view would have that all-familiar blue for volume slides and sets, with ANSI bright green for pitch slides and those other effects, a dark magenta for some of the FastTracker fx (I forget what they were specifically).

I know its impossible to truly re-create the look because (to my limited knowledge, which could be wrong) xmplay only allows one spectrum at a time, so the old 'x'tended mode would have like a pattern view, module notes/instrument names, and  the familiar green-upper_red or green-upper_blue volume bars all on the same screen showing all at once, but still it doesn't have to be 100% like that.  Anything to just remind of us of it =-)

Of course, 'just go back to DOS' really isn't a feasible option for me.

Alas, I have no money to offer for said wish-list skin.  Hopefully equally heartfelt enthusiasm by another member of the community, more talented than I in the way of the brush, could find that to be reward enough.


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Re: Dreams of Cubic Skin for XMPLAY
« Reply #1 on: 25 May '06 - 13:58 »
Well I've thought about making this skin a number of times (just like an ft2 one) and this time I actually started screenshotting inspired by your post. It's true that the Cubic layout has to go but I think implementing the corresponding controls and the overall look would be satisfactory. My question to you (and others too) is how would you like to see the borders of the skin done? Should it look something like a DOS window with the Windows framework surrounding the black background of the player or should I just not care about that and let the skin be a floating black rectangle or.. should I get creative? :)


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Re: Dreams of Cubic Skin for XMPLAY
« Reply #2 on: 25 May '06 - 14:29 »
Get creative!

I'd probably do it with those ASCII borders as window frame ;)


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Re: Dreams of Cubic Skin for XMPLAY
« Reply #3 on: 25 May '06 - 16:17 »
The more creative the better, please, because if it looks like the original it will just look downright awful, in my view.


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Re: Dreams of Cubic Skin for XMPLAY
« Reply #4 on: 9 Jun '06 - 00:58 »

Thanks, I'm glad I'm not the only one out there.

Hmm, yes, getting creative is important for a lot of the blanks.  Just my 2 cents, but I'd say keep the pattern view colors as close as possible to the original.