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Using Passwords for Streaming Audio
« on: 9 Jun '06 - 02:05 »
Yesterday I signed up for a subsription for the audio stream at my favourite net radio station. The problem was that I couldnot login with my username/password because there was no place to enter the info. So I checked the support site and read all the pages, but nothing about passwords. Tonight I searched the forums and found no info on this except for using a proxy service and some one who had problems logging into the forums.

This caused me to do some trial and error work trying to pass the username/password with the url. What I finally came up with was this :

Hope this info can help someone else with a password problem in the future.

Just so glad I figured it out because did not want to go back to using winamp for streaming password protected audio. I prefer the superior sound of XMPlay!

EDITED : to include the word ' password ' so that search will find this info using password or passwords
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