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AB Repeat Function?
« on: 10 Jun '06 - 07:02 »
I read that XM has a function to play sections of a track - but cant find it - Does it? If so how?


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Re: AB Repeat Function?
« Reply #1 on: 10 Jun '06 - 07:31 »
If you're talking about multipart modules (MOD/S3M/XM..) which have subsongs separated with jumpcommands, they are played in succession and have a number attached to their title. Thus, you begin playing a module with 3 parts with "Title 1/3" and when that's done, XMPlay will play the next part "Title 2/3" and so on. You can also skip between parts by right-clicking the prev and next buttons. The buttons also work for stream files with cue sheets.

If you're talking about repeating a section over and over again in order to practice playing your musical instrument or sth, well that XMPlay doesn't do.
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Re: AB Repeat Function?
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I am talking about the latter, isolating a section of a track and playing it over and over (to study scores) - does anyone know an app that does?

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Re: AB Repeat Function?
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Use XMPlay or whatever to write it out to a WAV, then import into Audacity or similar. I believe Audacity has an A-B repeat - if not, then you can use Audacity to get the segment you want, export *that* as a WAV, open it with XMPlay and set XMPlay to loop that track forever.


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Re: AB Repeat Function?
« Reply #4 on: 11 Jun '06 - 01:36 »
I recommend 7thstring Transcribe! v7.x. I, too, wish XMPlay had a range loop function and a Chronotron-type DSP plugin, so I could play along/transcribe on the fly when listening to something, and also be able to do it with .mpc and .xm and what-have-you without having to first render the stuff to wav for use in an external program, but that suggestion didn't really fly.
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