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Some beatmixing ;)
« on: 21 Dec '02 - 09:45 »
Ok. So I have created some veeeeery simple fft analysis code to get the beat of a song (havent tried it on other songs yet. Probably doesn't work ;) ). What it does is it takes band 8 through 11, on a 2048 mono FFT, adds them up and divides by 4 (number of bands). I don't know sh*t about dsp programming but this worked for this certain song (Drunkenmunky - E).

Now for the problem(s).
When I beatcount it, using CCRP highres timers, I get a "realtime" BPM of 136 AND 142. Every other beat. Heh..

Well. That I can live with. But I can't find out how to find elapsed time between two beats in two different strems. I'm using timers but I get strange numbers. What I'm trying to make is a beat offset indicator. Like the one on the Numark Beatkeeper. (Don't ask why, it's just a programming experiment)